What is Chiropractic?

Our bodies rely on several things in order to keep us healthy.  Among these are:

  good food and air to provide the necessary raw materials

  appropriate exercise and stress (!) to promote proper growth

  sufficient rest to allow maintainence and healing

Chiropractic is a system of health care based on another one of these prerequistes for health:

  clear communication over the nervous system to coordinate all our parts

Nerves are quite delicate; they have the consistancy of cream cheese.  If the human frame -- most especially the spine -- is not working properly then the nerves can become irritated and the information they carry can become distorted or lost completely.  This is not something of which we are usually aware unless the nerve is the type that transmits a sensation (like pain) to the brain.  The majority of nerves carry information away from the brain.

It was difficult to explain information loss to people over 100 years ago when this principle was discovered, but we know about it very well today.  You experience loss of information when you have a bad connection on your telephone.  Neither person can understand fully what is being said to them.

Your body experiences loss of information in a similar way.  If nerves carrying outgoing messages become irritated then the tissues they support won't know exactly what your brain is telling them to do.  Without that information they can't do their job appropriately and your body can't be as healthy as it's trying to be.

The objective of chiropractic is to locate and correct the structural problems which cause information loss.  We call these problems 'subluxations', and we call the correction of a subluxation an 'adjustment'.  We are a health profession, not an illness profession.  Our focus is on releasing the body's innate healing ability and not on the external treatment of disease.

This is the essence of chiropractic.  What it means to you and those you care about is the subject of the pages that follow.

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